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Product description

Abbe Refractometer 2WAJ

This monocular ABBE instrument is designed for the measurement of refractive index(nD) and the average optical dispersion(NF-NC) of the transparent, the semitransparent and the solid matter (mostly transparent). It was connect with a circulating thermostatic bath, can measure the refractive index in 0℃~70℃.

Refractive index and the average optical dispersion are important constant among physical constants. They can indicate the optical property of purify rate, concentration and size of optical dispersion of materials. It also measures the Brix percentage of sugar solution(0%~95% which is equal to the refractive index1.333-1.531).

It was widely used in oil industry, fat industry, pharmaceutical factories, paint, food processing, chemistry, sugar refineries, geologic etc., and relative factories, school and research center.


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Specifications Table

Model Table

Model 2WAJ
Refractive Index(nD) Range 1.300~1.700
Refractive Index (nD) Accuracy ±0.0002
Refractive Index (nD) Min.Div. 0.0005
Brix(% )Range (0~95)%
Brix(% )Min.Div. 0.25%
Size(mm) 90x190x250
Weight(KG) 3