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Roundabout Articulation Borescope

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The industrial endoscope is a kind of inspection tool can check the place that is dangerous or our naked eyes can not see.It is commonly used in auto repair industry,aircraft engines,pipe line checking,mechanical accessories and so on.It can check the machine without demolish or switched off.This can be widely applied to aviation,automobile,ship building,electronic,chemical industry,power solution,construction and other modern industries.Our industrial endoscope can connect with camera,DV,and computer to compose a video and image processing system,so that to record and analyzed the image.



     Product Name


2 way roundabout articulation borescope

6mm insertion camera
2 direction turning probe

330°rotatable operating arm
Adjustable LED light


4 way roundabout articulation borescope

8mm insertion camera
4 direction turning probe

Adjustable LED light

Photo snapshot,video taking



















1UV-proof design

Providing clear vision under the strong sunlight.

 23 TFT LCD 3.5 inch TFT LCD Monitor

3.5 3.5 inch HD TFT LCD

 3Snapshot and video recording

Available to take photos(640x480)and video recording(2G SD card provided)

4AV Out

Available to connect with TV or computer to play photos and videos

 5USB Out

Available to connect with computer as a mobile hard disk drive to storage data.

 6Adjustable LED light

Available to control the knob under the USB plug to adjust the LED light

7Environmental long life battery

Powered by rechargeable batteries,2 hours charging can work 4 hours


Support 2 times zoom-out,

 9Picture comparison

Available to display two pictures at the same time for comparison

 10 Auto power-off,environmental friendly

Available to set 5,10,15 minute auto power-off.

 11Special back design

Tripod jack socket and magnet design on the back make the use easy.




 Equip with CMOS insertion tube

 7.5mm4 direction/ 6mm2 direction

 4mm / 5.5mm / 25mm / 28mm




3.5" TFT-LCD screen

 Picture compressed format


 Picture storage format


 Video recording format







 Chargable Li-polymer battery(3.7V)

  Charger Voltage

 100-240V AC in / 5V DC out

  Video out format



  Mini USB1.1 / AV out

  Storage medium

 (Maximum 16G)


  Multi languages(Default English+Chinese Simplified)

  Monitor Weight





ME monitor 1 unit
Charger 1 pcs
 AV wire 1pcs
USB wire(1.8m)  1pcs
Operating manual 1 pcs
 2 direction roundabout articulation insertion tube  1 pcs

 High quality aluminous package,providing perfect protect.






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